Review: Islam, Science Fiction and Extraterrestrial Life: The Culture of Astrobiology in the Muslim World ; Space Science and the Arab World: Astronauts, Observatories and Nationalism in the Middle East

Author(s) Leif Stenberg
Contact Leif Stenberg, Aga Khan University, 10 Handyside St, London N1C 4DN, UK. Email:
Issue CyberOrient, Vol. 15, Iss. 2, 2021, pp. 100-105
Published December 20, 2021
Type Book Review
Abstract This review discusses two books by Jörg Mathias Determann. The books explore space science in the Arab world and Islam, science fiction and extraterrestrial life in the Muslim world. Both are detailed accounts, and they place their respective subjects in a historical context. The books also present and analyse topics such as science, science fiction, and astrobiology, which are rarely the focus of scholars of the so-called Arab and Muslim worlds. Hence, the books are important. They contribute to a broadening of the fields studying Islam, Muslims, and the Middle East by highlighting themes that require scholarly analysis.
Keywords extraterrestrial life, Islam, history and modernity, Muslim, Arab, science, science fiction, interpretations of Islam, astrobiology, nationalism