Author Guidelines

Submissions are welcome from scholars in any discipline. Text style follows the current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. For further information, consult the Publishing Style Guide of the American Anthropological Association.

CyberOrient publishes peer-reviewed articles (5000-8000 words), comments (2000-4000 words) and book reviews (750+ words). For articles, please format your submission as follows:

  • Cover page with your name, affiliation, address, article title. In case of multiple authors, state who is the Corresponding Author.
  • Second page with article title, abstract (150-200 words) and three or four key words. Do not put your name on this page or on the pages of the following text.
  • Article with references at the end, following the current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Comments and book reviews will be reviewed by the editors. You may suggest book which you would like to review, but the final decision is up to the editors.

Guidelines on Publishing and Research Ethics in Journal Articles

This journal requires that you include in the manuscript details IRB approvals, ethical treatment of human and animal research participants, and gathering of informed consent, as appropriate. You will be expected to declare all conflicts of interest, or none, on submission. Please review Wiley’s policies surrounding human studies, animal studies, clinical trial registration, biosecurity, and research reporting guidelines. This journal follows the core practices of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and handles cases of research and publication misconduct accordingly.

How to Submit

Please submit all materials electronically as attachments. Text should be in Word format, double spaced, in Times font at 12 point. Please do not submit in PDF format. Photographs and illustrations should be submitted in jpg or gif format with minimum 72 DPI. Send your submission to the editors and You should receive confirmation of your submission by email within a few days.

  • Deadline for winter issue is April 1.
  • Deadline for summer issue is October 1.

Peer-review Process

Submitted manuscripts are subjected to initial checks to assess their suitability for review (e.g. completeness and relevance). After that, the manuscript proceeds to the reviewers. The double-blind peer review is applied, which means that the reviewers of the paper will not be able to know the identity of the author(s), and the author(s) will not be able to know the identity of the reviewer. The reviewers comment on the quality of the work, as well as on its originality and its importance. The turn-around time for the peer review process is a maximum of two months.

Permissions and Copyright

The author is responsible for obtaining written permission to use photographs and illustrations not in the public domain. All illustrations should indicate the source and should have captions. Copyright will be held by the American Anthropological Association, Charles University and Lund University.