Review: Stein, Rebecca L. 2021. Screen Shots: State Violence on Camera in Israel and Palestine. Stanford University Press.

Author(s) Omneya Ibrahim
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Issue CyberOrient, Vol. 16, Iss. 1, 2022, pp. 67-71
Published September 22, 2022
Type Book Review
Abstract Screen Shots takes an ethnographic approach to explore the visual history of the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territories and the different roles photography played within the decades-long conflict. Choosing to forgo the usual route of exploring the impact of photos on social activism, the author focused instead on how easily images can be utilized as tools of colonialism supporting the occupation; a unique viewpoint offering readers a more comprehensive understanding of the function of photography as a political placeholder in modern age. Although Screen Shots attempts to showcase a solid overview of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through images for over more than two decades, it still comes short in terms of balance in revealing real-life experiences of snapping photos for political purposes from both sides.
Keywords social media, Middle East, photography, State Violence, Israeli Military Occupation, Digital Photography, Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Civilian Photography, Digital Activism