Liz Przybylski. 2020. Hybrid Ethnography: Online, Offline, and In Between. SAGE Publications, Inc.

Author(s) Anders Ackfeldt
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Issue CyberOrient, Vol. 17, Iss. 2, 2023, pp. 92-94
Published December 22, 2023
Type Book Review
Abstract As social media proliferates globally, affecting over half the world’s population, ethnographic research must adapt to evolving modes of communication and representation. Liz Przybylski’s book Hybrid Ethnography: Online, Offline, and In Between offers an accessible, practical guide to hybrid ethnography spanning both digital and physical spaces. Covering project formulation, research ethics, site selection, data collection, analysis, and writing, the book draws on the author’s experience studying hip-hop culture across the United States and Canada. Key strengths highlighted include the continuous focus on ethical considerations and the book’s utility for researchers at all stages. The modular chapter design also allows for targeted consultation by researchers. Overall, this timely volume serves as an essential, durable guide for ethnographers navigating an increasingly digitized social landscape where subjects have greater control over self-representation. It receives an enthusiastic recommendation for students and scholars alike.
Keywords Online, Hybrid Fieldwork, Hybrid Ethnography, Methods, Offline